The Advantages of Modular Construction

Saves You Money

Building modular, off-site constructed homes allows for substantial cost savings in almost every area of the building and financing process.
Here’s how:

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Superior Build Quality

With on-site or stick built homes, the materials they use are exposed to weather, theft and vandalism. The process is inefficient compared to Modular Homes.

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Energy Efficient

You Could Cut your heating bill as much as 50%!*
Sherlock Homes is committed to building every home with energy conservation in mind.
Here’s how:

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Watch how a modular home is assembled on site.

Bob Villa shows you how a modular home is assembled on-site.

An excellent example of the installation process.

*The manufacturer shown is not our manufacturer and some specs may be different in our homes.

Cost Savings

Building modular, off-site constructed homes allows for substantial cost savings in almost every area of the building and financing process. Here’s how:

  • Bulk Material Purchases: Our manufacturing partners purchase lumber and brand name materials in huge quantities resulting in lower cost.
  • Controlled Environment: A clean plant, indoors, avoiding inclement weather, result in greater labor efficiencies, lowering costs.
  • Less Material Waste: Recycling plus warehousing our materials in a secure environment, with protection from weather and job site theft, lower cost.
  • Manufacturing Technology: Precision equipment and efficient material handling result in more accurate construction with fewer mistakes and lower cost.
  • Quality Control: Our homes are built to the appropriate building code required by each state, inspected by both the manufacturer and Independent Third Party Inspection Agencies. This results in fewer construction errors and lower costs.
  • Construction Time Period: Since our homes are delivered to the job site about 75 percent complete, total construction time is greatly reduced, incurring less interest and quicker occupancy.
  • House Plans: Our manufacturers provide the necessary plans for building permits and complete construction without requiring an architect, lowering costs.
  • Financing Cost: Quicker construction time with fewer interest charges result in less cost.

Site-Built Comparison

With site-built construction, contractors do not really “build” a home, they assemble components like we do. Site-builders purchase building components (i.e. roof trusses, studs, floor joist, OSB decking, windows, doors, cabinets, drywall, shingles, electrical wire, bath fixtures, floor coverings, etc.) from local building supply companies that ship these materials to the individual job sites for assembly. At each job site, the materials they use are exposed to weather, theft and vandalism as well as the site-built assembly process is extremely inefficient.

In contrast, our modular manufacturing partners purchase brand name materials direct from the suppliers in large quantities and assemble them in their production facility under controlled conditions, out of the weather. Using sophisticated cutting equipment, precision jigs and overhead cranes to assemble components, the craftsmen that build your home have the benefit of working under “ideal conditions” resulting in the efficient and timely construction of your new home.

Energy Efficient

You Could Cut your heating bills by as much as 50%!*

Sherlock Homes is committed to building each one of our homes with energy conservation in mind…. No matter where you live.
Things like:

  • Upgraded Insulation (Exceeding what is required in our local climate).
  • Premium Windows (LowE, Thermopayne, Insulated)
  • Energy efficient Heating and cooling options available depending on your site location
  • as well as other included features.

Come in and visit with us and let us show you our energy saving features that we build into our homes to make them one of the most energy efficient homes available today.

*Your energy cost will depend greatly on where you live, what type of heating (natural gas, propane gas, electric or oil) and your lifestyle.

What our customers are saying.

  • "Buying our new home was a BIG step and we are so happy that we chose Sherlock Homes."

    Josh & Mandy V.
  • "Nowhere, No one provides the service you do, after 13 years I still know I can call you…. One of the best things we’ve ever done is get our new home from you."

    Lucy K.
  • "It was a pleasure working with you guys. It’s nice to know that there are still honest & caring people out there in business."  

    Bob & Linda H.
  • "I bought another modular home in the past from a different builder….I have to say, Sherlock Homes’ dedication to their customers surpassed those of the other builder. Sherlock Homes made me feel like I was their only customer… Like my needs were their only priority..."  

    Lisa C.
  • "I have never known a company so dedicated to the product they sell and the customers they sell it to."

    Melissa J.
  • The quality of your work is admirable. We have received many compliments on our house. People could not believe that a factory built home could look so good.

    Reger & Katherine S
  • The contractors did our drive, garage, and the porch. It was great and they did a fantastic job. They all stayed with it till the job was done.

    Lloyd & Lucy K
  • You got us out of our lease, made the financing come through for us, did the walkthrough with us yourself, along with many other things you didn't have to do.

    Jeff & Tammy S